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Storage Sheds

A shed is a terrific addition to your property help keep your garage and home clutter-free, but when you are considering adding a storage shed to your property, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the vast variety of styles, sizes, roofs, materials, foundations, and features available to choose from. It’s critical to pick the proper shed style for your property because it will determine not just the appearance of the shed but also how much space you’ll have to store your belongings. Missoula Custom Storage Sheds can help you make the right choice for your property and your storage shed needs. Here are some of the most popular options available.

The Gambrel Storage Sheds 

Since the roof is so steeply pitched, a Gambrel-style shed is highly popular because it provides a lot of headspace in the storage shed. Because of the extra room, you can easily decide to add a loft or attic in the shed, providing more storage space without reducing the amount of usable area. If you want to have a workshop, office or just a general storage space in your shed for those extra holiday decorations, this style of shed is great because you will have enough space without feeling crowded.

The Gable Storage Sheds

Gable sheds are also one of the most common storage shed solutions. Gable sheds are typically one of the easiest sheds to build, they are cost-effective and they come in a variety of styles. With their softly sloping roof that peaks in the middle of the unit and the lovely ridge on top, most property owners admire the way they look. It’s a timeless design that will complement any home, regardless of your home’s architectural type. The Gable shed will also provide you to add a little extra attic space, but not as much as the Gambrel.

The Saltbox Storage Shed

If you want your shed to be painted to look like a little house and blend in with your current home, the saltbox shed is a fantastic option. Its form allows it to be readily scaled up or down, making it excellent for a variety of applications. Many property owners enjoy adding saltbox sheds as playhouses for their children on their property since they are both attractive and extremely functional. The roof of this shed differs from others in that it is constructed in a slightly different manner. While it does slope together and merge at the top in a ridge, one side of the roof is really shorter than the other, as is the gable shed. This results in a fairy like design.

Storage Shed Materials

It is vital to make sure that the correct material is used for your storage shed. Materials like Vinyl, Metal, and Wood all have their own advantages and are used for different types of storage sheds. Another element to consider is the foundation you need for your shed and the area you need your storage shed to be erected. These are all factors that our professional team asses before providing the best solution for you. Our team is available and here to provide you with professional and expert recommendations so you can have all the benefits you need from exceptional storage shed.