Amazing Shed Builder Services in Missoula MT

Missoula Custom Storage Sheds

Livestock Animal Shelters

Missoula Custom Storage Sheds provide some of the best Animal Shelters on the market. We want to make sure that your animals have a safe, comfortable, and long-lasting home. Both hobby and working farms can benefit from our products. Our team offers a safe place for your animal, no matter how big or small it is. Our Animal Shelters are available in a variety of colors and siding designs to give your animal shelter a unique aesthetic appearance that complements its function and are low in maintenance.

Goat Sheds

Our Custom Goat Shed has a set of double doors that open into the storage area for easy access. The storage compartment has a floor and a wall that separates it from the goat’s dwelling quarters. Food and other goat-related items can be stored here providing additional storage space for your comfort. A half-single door in the storage section allows you to access your goat’s dwelling quarters. A goat door is also included in the Goat Shed, allowing your goat to enter and exit the shed during the day. The gate will allow you to secure your animals at night and keeping them safe.

Chicken Coop

The availability of chicken coops for your animals is a vital aspect of keeping them healthy and happy. For the long-term security of your chickens, a coop is a requirement. This way, you’ll be able to spot and eliminate any potential predator concerns, keep track of your chickens, and find the eggs deposited without having to go on a scavenger hunt. Our Custom Chicken coop provides good flooring, nesting boxes, and ample roosting perches to ensure you enjoy all the benefits your chickens can give you.

Run-In Shelters

Our custom-made Run-In Sheds are perfect for providing shelter for your animals from the harsh elements, and the huge front opening makes entering and leaving the Run-in Shed a breeze. A kickboard, commonly made from wood surrounds the interior of the shelter to ensure that no animal kicks through the walls of your Run-in Shed. With expert professional craftsmanship, you can rest assured that your Run-in Shed will survive even the harshest treatment and resistance from your animals. Your animals can use the optional Hay Feeder to make the Run-in Shed into a “snacking station.” All of our animal shelters are available in a variety of colors and stain, making sure you are spoilt for choice

Custom Made Dog Kennels and Shelters

Man’s best friend deserves a good, durable, and comfortable custom-made kennel or dog shelter. Our custom range has a wide variety available for all breed types to ensure your best friend gets the best in comfort and protection. Our kennels and Dog shelters are long-lasting and provide all the protection from the wind, rain, and harsh sun. Standard sizes are available to suit your need, or we can assist with custom-made kennels for the ultimate product and give to your pets. Give us a call today for any questions or information you need on any of our specialized Animal Shelters.