Missoula Custom Storage Sheds

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Garden Sheds

A garden shed is a versatile outbuilding that is used for more than just storing gardening equipment. Many homeowners use garden sheds to store tools, lawnmowers, gardening items, sports equipment, or seasonal patio furniture, as well as implements. Some garden sheds have a part that serves as a potting shed and greenhouse, allowing you to grow seedlings in the spring or have a greenhouse running all year. Garden shelters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The majority of sheds are composed of one of three materials: wood, plastic, or metal.

Metal Garden Sheds

Metal Garden Sheds Typically have a huge single or double door that opens the front of the shed and are commonly fashioned with a peaked or sloping roof. To blend in with the landscape of the garden or manicured area, they are usually neutral hues like greens, tans, and browns. Metal sheds exist in a variety of sizes, ranging from small tool sheds to sheds large enough to park a vehicle. Metal sheds are suitable for all climates, but they cannot be heated or cooled unless they are separately insulated.

Plastic Garden Sheds

A Plastic Garden shed is extremely long-lasting and resistant to both fire and rust. They are available in a range of sizes and have a design that is very similar to metal sheds. The floor is typically made of plastic and is commonly one of the most popular gardens shed choices. Plastic Garden sheds make an excellent all-weather storage shed and are generally low in maintenance as they do not need to be painted and treated with resistant coatings. Plastic Sheds also blend well with most homes and can also easily be erected, saving you time and money on construction and concrete foundation installations.

Wooden Garden Sheds

Wooden Garden sheds provide the most design versatility and are also the most chosen and desired garden shed option for any home. These unique and flexible shed options can include windows and walk-in doors in addition to the double-opening doors. Wood sheds require longer than usual installation times, as well, although it is typically more time-consuming than putting up a metal or plastic shed. Wood sheds are often made of natural or pre-treated wood, and they will need to be finished or painted after they are built. This has the advantage of being able to match the color to any existing structures on the property but also requires some maintenance from time to time ensuring it stays pest-free and in pristine condition all the time.

Garden Shed Advantages

Adding a Missoula Custom Garden shed to your property you can effortlessly organize and store things with its storage spaces and multiple shelves for simple retrieval when you need them. Gardeners appreciate having a garden shed because it saves them time making it easier to get to your gardening tools, fertilizers, soils, seeds, and tools this way. While a garden shed can help you run your garden more efficiently by offering a shared storage area, it can also help you improve the beauty of your yard by decreasing clutter.