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A shed is a stand-alone structure used for additional storage, an office, a tiny home, or more popular these days man caves or she shelters. Storage sheds are commonly in a residential property’s backyard or side yard. Sheds can be basic or sophisticated, tiny or fairly large, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and a wide variety of designs. Materials and styles commonly reflect the primary residences to ensure a perfect blend. Custom storage sheds have become very popular for a vast number of additional reasons and are used for Garages, garden sheds, or utility storage space. Have a look at some of the unique custom storage sheds Missoula Custom Storage sheds have to offer.
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We offer superior quality livestock shelters, office sheds, garden sheds, tiny homes, and utility sheds to the Missoula community. We have been in operation for several years and are well-known for offering high-quality storage structures at affordable pricing. Our design team has years of experience and knowledge in creating unique storage sheds for a number of different functions.


Missoula Custom Storage Sheds is a well-known storage solution provider in the Missoula area. Our highly qualified team of professionals ensures that projects are completed professionally and on time. We have extensive storage shed building and design experience and offer our customers high-quality products and outstanding workmanship.

Storage Sheds

It’s critical to pick the proper shed style for your property because it will determine how much space you’ll have to store your belongings. A Gambrel-style shed is highly popular because it provides a lot of headspace in the storage shed. Gable sheds are typically one of the easiest sheds to build, they are cost-effective and they come in a variety of styles. A saltbox shed is a fantastic option since its form allows it to be readily scaled up or down. These are just a few factors that our professional team can assist you with before providing the best solution.

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are used to store lawn care and gardening items. The majority of sheds are composed of one of three materials: wood, plastic, or metal. Metal sheds exist in a variety of sizes, ranging from small tool sheds to sheds large enough to park a vehicle. Plastic Garden sheds make an excellent all-weather storage shed and are generally low in maintenance. Wooden Garden sheds provide the most design versatility and are also the most chosen and desired garden shed option for any home. Adding a Missoula Custom Garden shed to your property you can effortlessly organize and store things with its storage spaces and multiple shelves.


Missoula Custom Storage Sheds offer a wide variety of garage types for each property type. From Stainless steel to Vinyl Plastic Resin, to the ultimate traditional wood garages. Our team can design and install any type of garage adding value and benefits like rust and pest resistance, extreme lightweight, or superior durability. Innovative materials are available and with our flexible design team, the sky is the limit on your adding your dream garage to your property today.

Tiny Homes

Missoula Custom Storage Sheds are proud to be a supporter of the latest innovative craze for the Tiny Home or Shed Home drive in the States. Tiny homes are far more cost-efficient than ordinary housing rates. Shed dwellings are practically free, save from minor maintenance and the initial construction expense. Our tiny homes need fewer building resources due to their smaller size. There are fewer trees when there are fewer materials. You’ll leave more trees to maintain and nurture the natural environment if you choose a shed house.
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Man Caves & She Sheds

Man Caves and She Shed is one of the fastest climbing trends in storage shed uses today. Missoula Custom Storage Shed will transform your shed into a haven where you can get away from the daily grind. Our expert team will design your shed or cave making sure we take all your requirements to heart. From the initial planning stage to preparation to full completion of the project, you can be assured you will receive materials of the highest standards paired with ultimate workmanship.

Livestock Animal Shelters

Missoula Custom Storage Sheds provide some of the best Animal Shelters on the market and our unique animal shelters are available in a variety of colors and siding designs to give your animal shelter a unique aesthetic appearance that complements its function. From Goat to horse to Rabbit, dog, and custom-designed chicken coops. Our team offers a safe place for your animal, no matter how big or small it is. Our custom-made Run-In Sheds are perfect for providing shelter for your animals from the harsh elements, and the huge front opening makes entering and leaving the Run-in Shed a breeze.

Missoula Custom Storage Sheds

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Missoula Custom Storage Sheds is incredible, and they truly deliver on their promises. In addition, the builders’ labor and craftsmanship are outstanding. They take pride in their work, and it shows. They arrived when they said they would, addressed all of my questions, and offered affordable pricing. And our storage shed is really amazing. Thank you very much.”

Missoula did an excellent job installing my shed today! My new shed is fantastic!!! Now I have to consider installing a man cave. Thank you so much for such a beautiful product.”

“From beginning to end, it was a fantastic experience. After collecting quotes from a few various places, I chose to go with Missoula Custom Storage Sheds because of their excellent reputation. Excellent customer service, prompt communication, reasonable cost, and a fantastic team.”

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